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Originating in South Africa in the early 80's. Thundercats Inflatable Boats are now sold in over 18 countries around the world. These catamaran inflatable boats, which offer the key attributes of safety, stability and speed with great versatility make the perfect inflatable boat whether used for recreation or racing.


Great for having fun with the family, skiing, heading out for some diving, spear fishing or you just want to get to those hard to reach surf spots then a Thundercat Inflatable is what you need.


Alternatively if you love a bit of adrenaline then Thundercat Racing is for you. Thundercat Racing has mass appeal to all ages offering great year round entertainment.

When starting anything new, good research is always advisable. We advise speaking to the organisers, existing teams to understand what you are about to undertake and how best to start. As a motorsport its one of the cheapest forms of racing.

Once you have tried it.. and you have an ounce of adrenaline in your body you shall experience a strange addictive streak that will mean you'll want to race year on year!

So if your looking for a new sport or hobbie get in touch with Cams Marine today.






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Let me introduce myself … I’ve been in the motor industry for over 20 years (heck yes, I am that old!).  I started with a love of motorbikes and performance cars, although in the early days, I was supposed to be ‘homeschooled’ but spent more time in the garage than the classroom.


Built my first motor when I was 13 and I’ve never looked back.  From motorbikes to cars to boats, I have been involved in some exciting projects over the years.  Working in performance car and bike shops and building high horsepower street and race engines.


Having started off running on the smell of an oily rag, parts and accessories are now a lot easier to come by.  I have developed proven parts to strengthen the thundercat engine to increase reliability in the high impact environment of thundercat racing.  I enjoy a challenge and often get asked for advice for diagnostics.


I have spent some time abroad, well across the ditch, and certainly have found my love of thundercats over the last 10 plus years both racing, selling, setting up and maintaining rigs.  Although born in Auckland, currently residing in the beautiful Bay of Plenty where being close to the water is never an issue.  My customers come from all over Aotearoa, so geography isn’t a problem.


I am currently working on a dyno for thundercat engines and also the development of experimental engines to try and set some new records and really just push the limits for those who have a need for speed.


So whatever your need is get in touch I’m sure I’ll be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.


A collection of Thundercat Inflatable boats doing what they do best



Cams Marine - Cam Adshead 

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